Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i got a new job.  false alarm.

when i said unemployment was weird 
i meant unemployment is AWESOME.

next monday- back in the saddle againnnn.
business casual sweat shop m-th.
CASUAL FRIDAYS!!!!#$$#%^#$%@#$!

life is good?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

fake empire

so i got laid off.  

it's kind of weird.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

dear sarah palin

in response to this

[3+] AlmostAmanda said:

Dear Sarah, I know you love, love, love, to blame the evil liberal "mee-dee-uh" for any and everything that went wrong with your campaign, but it wasn't their fault. Here's what killed your chances of becoming VP:

- John McCain was proud to have voted with an incredibly unpopular president.
- John McCain couldn't run on the "family values" platform that helped Bush given his personal history which cost him some conservatives.
- John McCain seemed kind of irratic when he picked an unqualified, unvetted person to be his running mate.
- John McCain seemed kind of irratic when he "suspended his campaign" to run back to Washington and save the day during the economic meltdown, but didn't actually do anything.
- John McCain also admitted he didn't know jack about the economy earlier in his campaign. - In interviews, you rarely seemed to know what the hell you were talking about.
- During the debate, you refused to answer questions you didn't like.
- The RNC was holding you up to be some kind of a populist, yet they spent an insane amount of money styling you and your family.
- Winking and refusing to add "g's" to the end of words is cute every now and then, but after a while it makes you look like a ditzy flirt and not VP material.
- You kept throwing mud at Obama even though it wasn't working and polls were clear that people weren't interested in dirt, but issues.
- You kept insisting that the Obama campaign was trashing your daughter and harassed poor "Joe the plumber" when it was obvious that neither was true.
- You suggested that there were "pro-America parts of the country" and "real Americans" (meaning that there would also have to be anti-America parts of the country and fake Americans, i.e. people who didn't support your politics) which alienated independent voters.
- Neither you nor John McCain had any great ideas for how to make this country a better place, while Barack Obama did.

Now, dear Sarah, please explain to me how any bit of that was the fault of the media. They didn't tell John McCain how to vote or who to run with. They didn't demand that he go to Washington to play maverick or walk around like a loon during the town hall debate. They didn't keep books, newspapers, magazines, or the Internet away from you so that you would be horribly unprepared to answer important questions. They didn't choose your platform, the divisive tone of your campaign, or your language. They didn't force you to release information about your daughter's pregnancy (you could have released your medical records instead) or mention "Joe the plumber" 20+ times in a debate. They didn't force the RNC to buy you clothes that cost as much as my house, nor did they force you to accept them. They also did not force John McCain to choose you nor did they prevent John McCain from vetting you. And they didn't make you abuse your authority as governor or allow your "First Dude" to have way too much say in an office to which he was not elected.

That was you, Sarah.
That was John McCain.
That is why you lost.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008